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Libertarian Links

The Hudson Valley Libertarians provide the following list of links to introduce you to libertarian thought. We do not necessarily endorse particular positions or actions of these organizations. Rather, we feel that libertarian thought and tradition provides an effective counter-force to the prevailing drum-beat for greater state authority. As we become ever more subservient to agents of the state, we are reminded of the familiar admonition: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

The Hudson Valley Libertarians meet at 6:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month at the College Diner in New Paltz, NY.

The Newsroom   News and commentary
Rational Review News Digest
Rutherford Institute
Consortium News
Pro Libertate    Prison Planet  Alex Jones
Libertarian Journalism
reason       Leading popular magazine with free on-line edition
The Cato Foundation   Premier libertarian think tank
The Independent Review   Fine academic journal
The Manhattan Institute    Major think tank
Ludwig von Mises     Premier resource for books and media, much of it free
Lew Rockwell      Excellent blog clearing house, updated daily
Institute for Humane Studies    for students of all ages  
Reason Foundation    Policy studies
Foundation for Economic Education   Economics for youth; fine blog and magazine
Future of Freedom Foundation Many fine commentators
The Competitive Enterprise Institute   Also
Advocates for Self-Government World's Smallest Political Quiz
Campaign for Liberty Ron Paul's campaign legacy
Liberty Guide    for fun: Liberty Arcade
Heartland Institute   A wealth of useful information   
Liberty Unbound      Magazine favorite of the in-group   Has excellent book list, many free
Individualist Feminists   Wendy McElroy
America's Future Foundation
Get Liberty
Rational Review
Jeffrey Miron
Pro Libertate
Molinari Institute
Economic Policy Journal
The Daily Bell
The Voluntaryist
Mitchell Langbert
The Libertarian Enterprise    Science Fiction and more
Short List of Authors

Ron Paul    The Revolution: A Manifesto
The Hayek Center    Nobel Prize winner
Harry Browne   "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" is available again!
Dr. Mary Ruwart    Free e-book!  "Healing Our World"
James Bovard, 2, 3       author of "Terrorism and Tyranny"
Judge Andrew Napolitano  Author, cable personality
Tom Woods  Prolific and provocative
David Friedman      Persuasive and creative thinker. Free online book!
Peter McWilliams
Virginia Postrel        author of "The Future and its Enemies"
Freedom Keys
Libertarian Quotes
Popular Press Commentators
Nat Hentoff, 2, 3    Celebrated defender of civil liberties
Glenn Greenwald    Important new voice
Thomas Sowell
Walter Williams
John Stossel
Larry Elder
 Selected Sites Opposing Oppressive or Wasteful Law or Administration
Amnesty International    Political prisoners and torture
Electronic Frontier Foundation     Web freedom
American Civil Liberties Union
The Innocence Project
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Institute for Justice    Abuse of eminent domain and licensing
Fully Informed Jury Association  Your birthright
Stop the Drug War
Abortion Rights
Home School Legal Defense Association
Americans for Tax Reform
The Rutherford Institute  Defense of Civil Liberties
National Taxpayers Union
Downsize DC
FEAR: Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
American Tort Reform Association
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
Citizens Against Government Waste
Second Amendment Foundation
Keep and Bear Arms
War Resisters League
GI Rights Hotline  Conscientious Objectors in the Military
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education  Speech codes
Thomas Szasz, MD    "Mental Illness" as slavery
Guns Effective Against Rape
Tenth Amendment Center
The Thoreau Institute     Environmental protection without regulation
Paternity Fraud    Many "deadbeat dads" are not dads
A Voice for Men
Freedom of Education    Private schooling
Draft Resistance
Cop Block  Police Misconduct
Doing Time for Consensual Crime
Non-Partisan Sites
C-Span   Cable Channel
The Center for Public Integrity
The First Amendment Center
The Hill    Newspaper covering the U.S. Congress
Project Vote Smart   Candidate positions and finances
Congressional Quarterly   Reporting on Government and Politics
Washington Watch   Bills before congress   Who Contributes to Whom in Congress?
Books and Audio Tapes
The Mises Institute    Major repository of free literature
The Library of Economics and Liberty    Online and free!
The Online Library of Liberty    Ditto!
Liberty Tree
Liberty Fund
Blackstone Audio Books     (see politics and economics)
Laissez-Faire Books
David Gordon's booklist
Richard Ebeling's Austrian Economics booklist
Movies and Radio    Leading Collection of Libertarian Videos
Miss Liberty     Libertarian oriented movie reviews
Libertarians on the Air     Radio shows and web shows
Hardfire     Brooklyn Cable Show of the LP
Jason Sorens, The Free State Project
Karen Straughan, Feminism and Socialism
Joanne Naughton, Evils of the Drug War
David Andrew Gay, Gun Rights and the SAFE act
Karl Popper       Falsification in science is final, but truth is only tentative
Robert Nozick
David Kelley
The Atlas Society
Ayn Rand Institute
Roderick T. Long
Rafe Champion page
Critical Rationalism Blog
Political and Candidates
The Libertarian Party
The New York Libertarian Party
New York LP Candidates
The Libertarian International Organization    Free ebooks!
Ron Paul
W. S. Gilbert
Mark Twain
H. L. Mencken
George Carlin    
P. J. O'Rourke
Penn Jillette
Fred Reed
Dave Barry
The Onion